Cycles Per Second 10/18/23: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On the show this week: From New Zealand: new lo-fi indie (Cuticles) and an 80s-vintage lost gem (Vibraslaps). Shades of punk from Germany (Berliner Doom), Australia (Gyrate), and the USA (Hard Copy, CHERRY CHEEKS). Shimmering and crashing pop from Japan (kinoue64) to LA (Cupid & Psyche), jangle from NYC (The Woods) and SF (HELPFUL PEOPLE) to the UK (Ruth’s Refrigerator), and an orchestral Scottish pop blast from the past (Starless / Friends Again).

Want to know how to hear more? Visit the artists’ Bandcamps, below…


Parlor Hour – Black and Blue

kinoue64 – 問う–36

HELPFUL PEOPLE – Bugs From Below

The Woods – So Long Before Now

Ruth’s Refrigerator – Your Dog is Rich and Your Cat is Good Looking

Vibraslaps – Le Bomb

Berliner Doom – Veganer Softrock

Hard Copy – Chew


Gyrate – Collision

Cuticles – Know Not What

Rachel Love – Beautiful

Starless / Friends Again – State of Art (live, 2017)

Cupid & Psyche – Datura Sketch

GURL – Silly Dreams