Cycles Per Second 09/30/20: Bandcamp, etc. Links

This Friday is another Bandcamp Friday. So pick your favorites from today’s show and bookmark ’em for later…


Kiwi jr – Undecided Voters

Na Noise – Open the Door

The Cowboys – Martian Childcare

Imperfect Tree – Dearth

Fixtures – Five Ft One, Six Ft Ten

Shy Boys – Accidental Interaction

Flung – Organs


Deerhoof – Love​-​Lore 2 (Knight Rider​ ​Raymond Scott​ ​Mauricio Kagel​ ​Eddie Grant​ ​Gary Numan)

Drahla – Stimulus for Living (Live in LA)

Bob Mould – When You Left

The Dupont Circles – Everywhere Girl

Nuevos Hobbies – No puedo esperar

The Nagging Doubts – A Shot In The Dark

The Color Waves – Wilderness Words

European Sun – Favourite Day

The Minders – Home

Trillion – Don’t Be Sorry